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Cherry Hills Village Real Estate: Rated Best US Suburb by

Cherry Hills Village Real Estate

Cherry Hills Village Real Estate is a city suburb of Denver where the median sales price of all real estate is $1.04 million and the homeownership rate is nearly 100%. Cherry Hills Village is centrally located. It’s about a 20-minute commute to the downtown area and a 10-minute commute to the Tech Center and Cherry Creek. The high rating was based on attributes including access to amenities such as grocery stores and banks, public transportation including light-rail, its proximity to good schools, ease of commuting by car and community safety.

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Cherry Hills Village Real Estate

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Denver Realtor review: sale of 1590 S Wyandot St, Denver CO 80223

Michelle R. and her husband completed the sale of 1590 S Wyndot St, Denver CO 80223 September 6, 2012. Her review of me as a Denver Realtor & real estate agent can be viewed on Yelp, Zillow, and is copied and pasted below.

“Chris helped us sell our house during the summer of 2012. He did a great job of highlighting the best features of our home, and the buyer was particularly impressed with those (energy efficient) upgrades. He arranged to have a professional photographer come to take photos of our house, and it really made the listing look fantastic! He made us signs to put up around the house which pointed out features and upgrades that prospective buyers may not have noticed otherwise. Chris always followed through on everything, and answered every one of our (many) questions. We really couldn’t have asked for more. I gave him one less star on process expertise because he just began his real estate career this year, and we were one of his first clients. We really appreciated that when he didn’t know an answer to something, he truthfully told us, “I don’t know, but I’ll find out.” And he always did. We highly recommend Chris!”

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Denver Realtor review: purchase of 1365 S Eaton St, Lakewood CO 80232

Matt C. and his wife completed the purchase of 1365 S Eaton St, Lakewood CO 80232 August 31, 2012. His review of me as a Denver Realtor & real estate agent can be viewed on Yelp and is copied and pasted below.

“Chris helped my wife and I purchase a new home. With a six month old in tow, Chris worked harder than I ever could have expected going above and beyond to ensure we found the house we were looking for. He was available night and day and was eager to help out in any way he could. I would highly recommend using Chris if you’re in the market for a new home.”

Find public reviews of Denver Realtor and real estate agent Christopher Gibson at the following locations:

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US home sales jump to highest level since May 2010

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I completed my list of known mortgage professionals

One of the first goals I face with many home buyers is connecting them with Denver Colorado mortgage professionals that can get them pre-qualified for a loan.  As I gain more experience in this industry I have learned that some home mortgage professionals are more responsive that others.  Additionally some home mortgage professionals are more likely to complete a transaction on time.

Mostly I have been working with Jennifer Fairfield at Guaranteed Rate. She was referred to me by friend who needed to get pre-qualified on a Sunday afternoon to make an offer on a home against other competing offers.  Having a mortgage broker who will qualify people in a hurry is an incredible asset.

My wife works for Denver Community Credit Union and referred me to Kristi Brouillette. Kristi does not receive a commission for her work which lowers the cost to borrowers. Additionally DCCU has some of the lowest interest rates in the market. The down side is that you will not be able to get an FHA or VA loan from this institution, which means you need to come to the table with 5% down or more.  And you must be a member of Denver Community Credit Union to get a mortgage from them. Kristi Brouillette is stationed at the office for 1stMortgages.

I met Lori Barb at the office for 1stMortgages when I introduced myself to Kristi Brouillette.  Lori Barb has sent me a few potential clients and I am hoping to do a deal with her in the near future.

Samantha Sanchez is a loan officer at Vectra Bank. She is an awesome resource if you have a building with odd investor ratios or that is not completely occupied.  In scenarios such as this traditional lenders may not be able to underwrite a loan.  She is also a great resource for home equity loans for home improvements.

Home equity conversion is a bit confusing for many people. But using a reverse mortgage to move to an active living community or to supplement your retirement income is an incredible resource for seniors.  Larry Armstrong and I go to church together and I trust him to find the best possible solution for retired people to upgrade, downsize, or otherwise change their home living situation with their stored up home equity.

Sharona talks about her Denver home in the Ruby Hill Neighborhood

Share about your home:
  • What is the name of your subdivision, neighborhood, or building?  Ruby Hill
  • How long have you lived there?  1.5 years
  • When was your home built? 1953
  • How many floors, beds, baths, and sqft does your house have?  2 floors, 4 beds, 1.5 bath, 1365 sq feet.  Plus a sunroom
  • How much longer do you think you will live there?  Indefinately.  We love our neighborhood!  Lots of future plans to develop and invest in our property and future plans to invest our contributions to the neighborhood.
  • To what part of town do you and members of your household commute for work and how often?  We commute to Centennial during the work week.  We hope to beable to telecommute in the future.
  • What are some of the highlights, bright-spots, and benefits of living in your neighborhood and/or home?  We have a direct view of the mountains and Redrocks amplitheater as well.  We are at the top of the hill so we can see the sun come up over the plains.  We love the diversity of our neighborhood.  We have very friendly and personable neighbors and we have been meeting some incredible friends of whom we have a lot in common with.  The 360 degree views from Ruby Hill park are spectacular.  It’s an up an coming park.  We enjoying being a part of the Ruby Hill Community Garden.  We love that the Platt river is down the hill and will be revitalized soon.  We plan on doing a lot of fishing.  We love the location being close to the light rail, highway and down town.  We love our house!  It is the perfect size, has charm, and has a managable size yard.  We are planning on developing our property into an urban homestead. 
  • What is your favorite block or area of your neighborhood and why?  I love the whole area around Ruby Hill Park.  The houses are cute, there are planted trees along the road, people sit on their front porch and say hi. 
  • What are some of the pitfalls of your neighborhood and/or home?  We boarder an open field with dry weeds.  I have concern of it being a fire hazzard especially around 4th of July.   I can smell the coal burning occasionally from the Excel plant south of us and I wonder if it is safe.  There is some crime in the area, not specifically on our street but near by.   We had our plumbing stolen from under our house a week before we moved in.  The house was vacant for a year before we closed.
  • Would you move to your neighborhood and home if you had it to do all over again? Yes!  We feel we made a good decision.  We are invested.
  • What is a neighborhood or building or area of town that you don’t live in but like a lot, and why?  I also like the Baker District and the Santa Fe Arts District.   The yards are a little small for what we want to do but also the costs are higher.  We got a bigger bang for our buck. 
Share about yourself:
  • Do you have a business? If so what is it?  I would like to eventually have my own buisness.  Right now we are developing our property into an urban homestead comprised of gardens, fruit trees, bees, chickens, worm composting, green house, ect.  I would like to create a school from our homestead so others will be inspired and learn how to be more self sufficient  while living in a city. 
  • What causes are you passionate about?  I am concerned about our unstainable, unstable, global food system.  As we are reaching or are in the phase of Peak Oil, our global food systems will become even more unstable and expensive as well.  I am so inspired about the surge of farmers markets in the country and I am thrilled to see more and more people digging up their lawns and installing gardens to feed their families.  I grew up gardening but I am seeing that many others have not.   I am passionate about teaching others how to become more empowered by growing and preserving their food.  True food security.
  • How can readers support your business/and or cause?  Give us a little time as we continue to develop our homestead.  Eventually, we will make an announcement about classes and tours.
Please tell me what contact information of yours you would like included.  I can be emailed at

Hike to Gibson Lake on Saturday September 1st 2012

This was a great half day excursion.

The drive to the trail head was was about an hour and a half. The turn off of Highway 285 was on the right after the Guanella Pass in Grant.  The road to the trail head is the Hall Valley trail on the web site but I remember it being called the Webster pass road or something to that effect.  It was a 7 mile drive up this road and the last 2 miles definitely required 4 wheel drive.  Watch out for off road recreational vehicles as many of them came flying wast us on blind curves.  But fun to arrive at the trail head with my name.

Sign for Gibson Lake Trail

We began our hike by eating rather than hiking. Helen had a craving for some cherries which Thiago  loved eating the pits of.

She thinks she is as cute as she is

The hike definitely began with a decent assent below tree line in a fairly densly forested area.

Stream along the Gibson Lake Trail

Helen snapped this picture as we got higher.

Great picture looking over the valley from the Gibson Lake Trail

I had runkeeper recording our entire hike and was taking pictures throughout.  It is cool to see where the picture fall on our hike.  Check out the runkeep recording here: RUNKEEPER.

The numerous stream crossing made this a great hike for dogs.  Thiago was very happy to cool his feet and get plenty of drinks.

Thiago drinking from a creek on the Gibson Lake trail

A good half hour of this trail was above tree line with some amazing views.

Views from above tree line

Views from above tree line

And it got nice and windy for us at Gibson Lake.

Thiago in front of Gibson Lake

A Family Photo In Front Of Gibson Lake

And here you can see a panoramic view and video from Gibson Lake.


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