Bible Park Real Estate Market Statistics September 2016

Click here to see homes for sale in the Bible Park Neighborhoods in Denver Colorado. I have compiled some vital real estate statistics for the Bible Park Neighborhoods in Denver for September 2016 just below that will inform on the strength of the home market in the neighborhood.

What was the average home price in the Bible Park Neighborhoods as of September 2016?

The average home price was $388,500 at the end of September 2015 and has risen to $402,180 at the end of September 2016, which is a 3.5% increase. This is however a 2% decrease from $410,177 at the end of August 2016.

How many homes sold in the Bible Park Neighborhoods in September 2016?

5 homes sold in the Bible Park neighborhoods during September 2016. This is less than the 9 homes that sold in September 2015 and 7 houses less than the 12 houses that sold in August 2016.

How long did it take for homes to sell in the Bible Park Neighborhoods in September 2016?

The average days on market for a home in the Bible Park Neighborhoods was 10 days in September 2016. That means after listing a home in the MLS it took 10 days on average for it to go under contract. This is half what the average was in August.

How many months of home inventory are present in the Bible Park Neighborhoods?

Months of real estate inventory is a measure of how many homes are available for sale compared to how many sell every month. For instance if 7 homes sell per month and 7 homes are available for sale, you would have exactly 1 month of inventory. Currently there are 2.8 months of inventory in the Bible Park neighborhoods.

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