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My Denver Realtor Blog Of Our Hiking And Sledding Adventure At Great Sand Dunes National Park on November 12th, 2012.

Taking a break from being a Denver Realtor, we spent November 12th 2012 hiking and sledding the Great Sand Dunes.  Helen had Veterans Day off and we drove up and stayed in Alamosa the night before. It was only a 4 hour drive. The temperature did not much exceed freezing during the day but the sand and exercise warmed us up quite a bit. We hiked up to High Dune which is not the highest dune. Star Dune is the highest dune. Hiking in sand was an incredibly large amount of work compared with a normal hike. But it was a lot of fun to make our own trail.  Run Keeper said the we hiked round trip almost 3 miles in 2.5 hours.  It’s climb estimate is under 100 feet which is totally wrong.

We originally bought saucer sleds but then changed them for different ones after watch this video produced by the National Park Service: . You really need wet hard sand for good sledding. We quickly discovered that sledding the north face of the dunes was the best sledding. Even with a very steep slope you could not sled the soft sand.  But the scenery was incredible and I cannot believe I never experienced this before.  These are the videos of our hiking and sledding adventures. Additionally there are a lot of pictures of Helen and I and the amazing scenery of the Great Sand Dunes National Park. To learn more about Great Sand Dunes National Park go to this link

Videos of Helen sledding The Great Sand Dunes:

Videos of Chris sledding The Great Sand Dunes:

Videos of hiking The Great Sand Dunes:

Photos from our hike in the Great Sand Dunes

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Hike to Gibson Lake on Saturday September 1st 2012

This was a great half day excursion.

The drive to the trail head was was about an hour and a half. The turn off of Highway 285 was on the right after the Guanella Pass in Grant.  The road to the trail head is the Hall Valley trail on the web site but I remember it being called the Webster pass road or something to that effect.  It was a 7 mile drive up this road and the last 2 miles definitely required 4 wheel drive.  Watch out for off road recreational vehicles as many of them came flying wast us on blind curves.  But fun to arrive at the trail head with my name.

Sign for Gibson Lake Trail

We began our hike by eating rather than hiking. Helen had a craving for some cherries which Thiago  loved eating the pits of.

She thinks she is as cute as she is

The hike definitely began with a decent assent below tree line in a fairly densly forested area.

Stream along the Gibson Lake Trail

Helen snapped this picture as we got higher.

Great picture looking over the valley from the Gibson Lake Trail

I had runkeeper recording our entire hike and was taking pictures throughout.  It is cool to see where the picture fall on our hike.  Check out the runkeep recording here: RUNKEEPER.

The numerous stream crossing made this a great hike for dogs.  Thiago was very happy to cool his feet and get plenty of drinks.

Thiago drinking from a creek on the Gibson Lake trail

A good half hour of this trail was above tree line with some amazing views.

Views from above tree line

Views from above tree line

And it got nice and windy for us at Gibson Lake.

Thiago in front of Gibson Lake

A Family Photo In Front Of Gibson Lake

And here you can see a panoramic view and video from Gibson Lake.


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