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As a Denver Realtor I often encounter people who can not qualify for a home loan, or they believe that they can not qualify for a home loan. Unfortunately, this is where the home search ends for many people.  Solutions to credit problems are confusing and scams abound.  And there is a lot of shame associated with credit and financial issues. Credit counseling services do not judge people for their credit and financial issues.

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A major aspect of credit counseling is to empower people to understand their rights with the credit companies and educate them to contest incorrect information that is on their credit report or information that was illegally added to their credit report regardless of its accuracy.  Important to understand, these companies are often nonprofit and fund many of their operations with donations. Therefore, they are very affordable! Please take the first step and take a moment to set up a free initial consultation with one or both of these credit counseling services. At a minimum you will find that the web sites are an impressive wealth of information to educate yourself with.

Referrals are an essential element as a Denver Realtor, so you are doing me a huge favor by using these Denver credit counseling services and letting them know I sent you.  Let me know if you know of someone who should be added to this list or if you have a bad experience with someone on this list.

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And also talk to a mortgage lender.

Many of the mortgage lenders that I refer people to would be happy to help you fix any credit issues identified in the pre-qualification process. See my list of mortgage lenders at .

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