I completed my list of known mortgage professionals

One of the first goals I face with many home buyers is connecting them with Denver Colorado mortgage professionals that can get them pre-qualified for a loan.  As I gain more experience in this industry I have learned that some home mortgage professionals are more responsive that others.  Additionally some home mortgage professionals are more likely to complete a transaction on time.

Mostly I have been working with Jennifer Fairfield at Guaranteed Rate. She was referred to me by friend who needed to get pre-qualified on a Sunday afternoon to make an offer on a home against other competing offers.  Having a mortgage broker who will qualify people in a hurry is an incredible asset.

My wife works for Denver Community Credit Union and referred me to Kristi Brouillette. Kristi does not receive a commission for her work which lowers the cost to borrowers. Additionally DCCU has some of the lowest interest rates in the market. The down side is that you will not be able to get an FHA or VA loan from this institution, which means you need to come to the table with 5% down or more.  And you must be a member of Denver Community Credit Union to get a mortgage from them. Kristi Brouillette is stationed at the office for 1stMortgages.

I met Lori Barb at the office for 1stMortgages when I introduced myself to Kristi Brouillette.  Lori Barb has sent me a few potential clients and I am hoping to do a deal with her in the near future.

Samantha Sanchez is a loan officer at Vectra Bank. She is an awesome resource if you have a building with odd investor ratios or that is not completely occupied.  In scenarios such as this traditional lenders may not be able to underwrite a loan.  She is also a great resource for home equity loans for home improvements.

Home equity conversion is a bit confusing for many people. But using a reverse mortgage to move to an active living community or to supplement your retirement income is an incredible resource for seniors.  Larry Armstrong and I go to church together and I trust him to find the best possible solution for retired people to upgrade, downsize, or otherwise change their home living situation with their stored up home equity.


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