Search Denver Real Estate Agent on Google and you will see me

I come up on the first Google page when you search “Denver Real Estate Agent” on Google. Well it isn’t my web site that comes up but it is my Yelp listing. It is a very competitive market to land anywhere in the top real estate search results in the Denver market so I’ll take it.  Additionally it is hard enough to own my own name on Google, let alone be remotely on the radar for a term as popular as Denver Real Estate Agent.  I don’t know how long it will last but we’ll see if I get any clients out of it while my name is so high. I just had to gloat a bit. Now to work on the search term “Denver Realtor” :-).  I do additionally come up on the second page when people search “Denver Realtor Reviews” on Google. I can’t thank the clients enough who have taken the time to review me on Yelp.  What a huge gift they have given me.  LIFE IS GOOD!

Denver Real Estate Agent Google Search

Denver Real Estate Agent Google Search

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