Sharona talks about her Denver home in the Ruby Hill Neighborhood

Share about your home:
  • What is the name of your subdivision, neighborhood, or building?  Ruby Hill
  • How long have you lived there?  1.5 years
  • When was your home built? 1953
  • How many floors, beds, baths, and sqft does your house have?  2 floors, 4 beds, 1.5 bath, 1365 sq feet.  Plus a sunroom
  • How much longer do you think you will live there?  Indefinately.  We love our neighborhood!  Lots of future plans to develop and invest in our property and future plans to invest our contributions to the neighborhood.
  • To what part of town do you and members of your household commute for work and how often?  We commute to Centennial during the work week.  We hope to beable to telecommute in the future.
  • What are some of the highlights, bright-spots, and benefits of living in your neighborhood and/or home?  We have a direct view of the mountains and Redrocks amplitheater as well.  We are at the top of the hill so we can see the sun come up over the plains.  We love the diversity of our neighborhood.  We have very friendly and personable neighbors and we have been meeting some incredible friends of whom we have a lot in common with.  The 360 degree views from Ruby Hill park are spectacular.  It’s an up an coming park.  We enjoying being a part of the Ruby Hill Community Garden.  We love that the Platt river is down the hill and will be revitalized soon.  We plan on doing a lot of fishing.  We love the location being close to the light rail, highway and down town.  We love our house!  It is the perfect size, has charm, and has a managable size yard.  We are planning on developing our property into an urban homestead. 
  • What is your favorite block or area of your neighborhood and why?  I love the whole area around Ruby Hill Park.  The houses are cute, there are planted trees along the road, people sit on their front porch and say hi. 
  • What are some of the pitfalls of your neighborhood and/or home?  We boarder an open field with dry weeds.  I have concern of it being a fire hazzard especially around 4th of July.   I can smell the coal burning occasionally from the Excel plant south of us and I wonder if it is safe.  There is some crime in the area, not specifically on our street but near by.   We had our plumbing stolen from under our house a week before we moved in.  The house was vacant for a year before we closed.
  • Would you move to your neighborhood and home if you had it to do all over again? Yes!  We feel we made a good decision.  We are invested.
  • What is a neighborhood or building or area of town that you don’t live in but like a lot, and why?  I also like the Baker District and the Santa Fe Arts District.   The yards are a little small for what we want to do but also the costs are higher.  We got a bigger bang for our buck. 
Share about yourself:
  • Do you have a business? If so what is it?  I would like to eventually have my own buisness.  Right now we are developing our property into an urban homestead comprised of gardens, fruit trees, bees, chickens, worm composting, green house, ect.  I would like to create a school from our homestead so others will be inspired and learn how to be more self sufficient  while living in a city. 
  • What causes are you passionate about?  I am concerned about our unstainable, unstable, global food system.  As we are reaching or are in the phase of Peak Oil, our global food systems will become even more unstable and expensive as well.  I am so inspired about the surge of farmers markets in the country and I am thrilled to see more and more people digging up their lawns and installing gardens to feed their families.  I grew up gardening but I am seeing that many others have not.   I am passionate about teaching others how to become more empowered by growing and preserving their food.  True food security.
  • How can readers support your business/and or cause?  Give us a little time as we continue to develop our homestead.  Eventually, we will make an announcement about classes and tours.
Please tell me what contact information of yours you would like included.  I can be emailed at

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