Why Should Realtors/Brokers Care About Radon in a Home?

Why Should Realtors/Brokers Care About Radon in a Home?

Denver Radon MitigationIn my last article (Christopher Gibson, Denver Real Estate News, 31 January 2016) we discussed why radon is important. It is now known that it is the second leading cause of lung cancer in the United States. Now let’s discuss why you as a professional need to care about it and why you need to do something about it.

RealtorMag (http://realtormag.realtor.org/sales-and-marketing/handouts-for-customers/for-buyers/5-most-dangerous-hazards-in-home) showed in their article “5 Most Dangerous Hazards in a Home” as #1 being Radon. The radon liability awareness is growing.

As Chris Gibson has said, “This is the time to fix the radon issue. It’s not going to be a priority once you move in. It is easy to overlook because it is not visible and it may not immediately harm you plus it is easy to forget. So now is the time to take care of it.”

Denver Radon MitigationMore buyers are becoming aware that this is a priority and who pays for it is often an issue. Doing their mitigation we (http://radoninatorllc.com/) have seen a wide variety of payment options. Sometimes just the seller pays or just the buyer pays but my favorite happened again just the other day. Seller and Buyer discussed it. The seller agreed to pay for the basic system but they both met us the day of the mitigation so the buyer could decide if he wanted to pay for additional aspects himself. They worked together. I predict that you will see more of this.

For the seller this adds value to their home and for the buyer it is an added benefit to their new home. It is win-win for everyone.

As Peter Pstony (Colorado Homes Sales) has said, “I’m a Real Estate Professional looking out for my clients and this removes my liability. This solidifies my value as a realtor or broker. I educate people.” Among other things he points out, “Why get lung cancer and then mitigate it?”

Denver Radon MitigationAlso, everyone needs to be aware that this is a growing liability. In Pannone v. Grandmaison (1990) the buyer requested that the “Purchaser’s approval” be based on the home inspection with the radon levels being really low as he was extra sensitive to radon due to exposure to radiation while serving in the US Air Force. The levels found were not terribly high for Connecticut but he insisted on canceling the sale and wanted his $18,000 back. The seller refused. The Connecticut Superior Court sided with the buyer and returned all his money. So as radon gas liability awareness grows so does the responsibility of real estate agents and brokers.

Radon history has shown us we could all suffer or we can all work things out for the best for everyone. So as professionals you need to ensure lower liability, healthier homes, and satisfactory payments for mitigation.

Denver Radon MitigationPat Fondren

Radon-I-Nator, LLC

https://radoninatorllc.com/ (There is a 4:40 minute video to see how radon works, a place to check prices, and another way to ask questions.)




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